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Competing interests: All authors have completed the ICMJE uniform disclosure form at www. Space research approval: This study was approved space research the University College London ethics committee, and all participants provided written consent. Data sharing: Whitehall II data, protocols, and other metadata are available to the scientific space research. Please refer to the Whitehall II data sharing policy at www.

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Setting Civil service departments in London, United Kingdom. Introduction Continuing increases in life expectancy imply fundamental changes to the population structure and an exponential increase in the number of elderly people. Age At baseline space research this study (phase 5 of Whitehall II) participants were aged mystery. Education Education was assessed with a three level variable: did not complete secondary school, obtained higher qualification at secondary school (at about age 18), and obtained university degree or higher.

Statistical analysis We first examined the cross sectional associations between age (in five categories) and the cognitive tests at baseline using linear regression. Results Of the 10 308 participants at study inception space research, 306 had died and 752 had withdrawn from the study before the start of the cognitive data collection in 1997-9.

There was a cross sectional association between space research at baseline, categorised into space research age cohorts of five years each spanning 45-70 years, and all cognitive scores (all P Table 1 Characteristics of study population in Whitehall II. Implications and conclusions Adverse cognitive outcomes like dementia are now thought to be the result of long term processes over at least 20-30 years,14 15 leading some authors to argue for the importance of approaches during life.

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