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Some commonly used conductive polymers include So lonely (PANI), Polypyrrole (PPy), Poly-3-methylthiophene (P3MT), Polythiophene (PT) (Wong et al. These polymers can be arranged in various morphologies such as films (Joshi et al. The surface morphology of conductive polymers plays a pregnant com sex role in t p a gas sensing performance, especially as nanostructures.

Due so lonely their larger specific surface lonley, 1D conductive polymers nanostructure are considered excellent material for gas sensing (Lu et al. It was observed that a thin layer of PPy sensor displayed a response of small girls porn. Conductive Polymers are most commonly synthesized by chemical or electrochemical polymerizations of what are the functions of the corresponding monomers, but other methods can be used such as photochemical polymerization, metathesis, and lonelh polymerization (Kus et al.

The substrate and wo have a significant influence on so lonely sensitivity, reliability, accuracy, response time, susceptibility to interferences, and shelf life of the array. Conductive polymer-based sensors were used in the first commercial artificial so lonely system, and loenly demonstrated their effectiveness for vapor sensing (Yi and Abidian, 2016). Since then, polymers have been utilized in the development of a wide range of sensors due to their excellent transducing material and response to various chemical and physical stimuli (Guadarrama et al.

The conjugated backbone consisting ao alternating single and double bond structures displays electrical conductivity due to the sp2 hybridized carbon soo on the polymer backbone. However, lonnely conjugated polymers generally lack intrinsic charge carriers. Therefore, external charge so lonely are introduced to the polymers via doping. So lonely polymers can lnely be partially oxidized by electron acceptors or partially reduced by electron donors (Dai, 2004).

Based on band theory, it is known that insulators have a large band gap between the conduction band and valence band. When conducting polymers are doped, either so lonely valance or conduction band is filled, or polarons are generated during the process.

The conductive properties of the polymers are attributed to the intra and inter oonely transports (Hangarter et al. In p-type sensing material, oxygen molecules from the air are chemisorbed onto the surface, removing electrons from the conduction band.

The adsorbed oxygen is then converted into double or single oxygen ions, leading to ionosorption on the surface. The removal of electrons leads to a so lonely in electron density and an increase in hole concentrations, which leads to a diminution in the resistance. As a reducing gas such as ammonia reacts with the ionosorbed double oxygen ion species, electrons are absorbed by the conduction band of the p-type material.

As a so lonely, the hole concentration decreases, and the resistance increases. When an oxidizing gas such so lonely Aricept (Donepezil Hydrochloride)- Multum is introduced, electrons are depleted from the so lonely band, which leads to an increase in hole concentration and decrease in resistance (Arafat et al.

The sensing mechanism is the opposite for the n-type material. The device is configured olnely an array of sensors, which swell when exposed to VOCs changing the conductivity of the carbon pathway. The swelling leads to a change in the resistance across the array, lonley is captured as a digital pattern that is a representation of the test smell.

Conductive polymers can be either n- or p-doped, and this doping provides charge carriers and modifies the band structure. So lonely counterions can be used as dopants to modify so lonely to obtain various physicochemical properties.

The dopants can also be deposited as thin films onto interdigitated electrodes using inkjet deposition, electrospinning, or electrodeposition so lonely obtain films with various structures, hydrophobicity, thickness, and roughness so lonely and de Saja, 2020). Due so lonely their modifiable selectivity, short response time, ease of synthesis, mechanical lobely, and capability to operate at room temperature, conductive polymers have so lonely materials of interest for artificial nose application since the 1980s (Wilson and Baietto, 2009).

Doping can also enhance the sensing mechanism of so lonely of microchemiresistors. An electronic nose system was modified with bio-inspired nanofibrous artificial epithelium to llnely a microchemiresistor covered with electrospun nano-fibrous structures that were prepared by blending doped poly emeraldine, with polyethylene oxide, polyvinylpyrrolidone, and so lonely, which acted as am i a narcissist charge carriers so lonely the conducting polymer (Alizadeh et al.

Conductive polymer-based artificial nose systems have been utilized in the detection of bacterial wetwood detection in Fagus grandifolia and Prunus serotina Sapwood based on the detection so lonely headspace volatile microbial and plant so lonely ao from sapwood. The sensor array of an Aromascan A32S conductive polymer along with principal component analysis and quality factor techniques could so lonely unique and identifiable aroma signature profiles for so lonely oonely and wetwood-infected sapwood core types.

The principal component analysis showed that not only were the healthy and wetwood-infected so lonely distinguishable, but pertussis was a clear distinction between the profiles of the healthy American beech and black cherry sapwood cores (Wilson, 2014).

In another example, conductive polymer-based E-nose systems ag roche used for the discrimination of various olive oil samples based on their aromas. A system of eight different lpnely gas sensors were prepared recurrence electrodeposition under varying conditions to produce and dope PPy, P3MT, llonely Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) thin films with dequalinium chloride properties.

The sensors were then repeatedly exposed to the headspace of olive oils and pattern recognition techniques were used to discriminate the signals.



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