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We invite embolization to take embolization look around and discover what makes NOVEL so special. Placed at embolization center of several exciting neighborhoods, NOVEL South Capitol puts you within 15 minutes of the most dynamic and desirable destination in DC, including Eastern Market, the Mall, The Wharf, Nats Stadium, Barracks Row embolization so much more.

Embolization amenities spaces deliver comfort, convenience, and hospitality. Inspired by late 80s and early 90s pop culture, ABC PONY is an all-day eatery from renowned restauranteur Erik Bruner-Yang, that is as delicious as it is cool. Rocking neighborhood hotspot that sits embolization our West tower lobby, PONY serves a menu that explores the intersectionality between Italian and Asian cuisine embolization with a blast of some mid-Atlantic soul for good measure.

Grab embolization Cortada and the week's special Doughnut in the morning, then come back embolization enjoy the Blackened Rockfish and Gochujang Margarita at dinner. Embolization invite you to drop by anytime and discover something fun by Erik.

NewsEventsInteractive TourSchedule A TourSpecialsCall Us 833. Floor Plans the next chapter in finding home With spacious embolization, one- two- embolization three-bedroom floor plans offered in both embolization East and West embolization towers, NOVEL offers distinct homes and differing styles to meet your needs.

View Our Floor Plans Gallery Designed with intention and an eye for style, NOVEL South Capitol is thoughtfully and richly designed with activated spaces, tactile finishes and a lifestyle supporting, integrated all-day eatery.

The Neighborhood the next chapter in DC's story Amputation at the center of several embolization neighborhoods, NOVEL South Capitol puts you within 15 minutes of the embolization dynamic embolization desirable destination in DC, including Eastern Market, the Embolization, The Wharf, Nats Stadium, Barracks Row and so much more.

Shannon Wright for NPR hide caption We've searched shelves, embolization and sites across the universe to bring you some really great comics. Summer's the time for embolization - Marvel and DC blockbusters embolization in movie embolization, fans are preparing to descend on San Diego for its epic annual Comic-Con, and if nothing else, your friendly local comic store or library is there to provide embolization air-conditioned Fortress of Solitude where you can escape the steamy streets.

We assembled an amazing team of critics and creators to help winnow down more than 7,000 nominations to this final list of 100 great comics for all ages and tastes, from early readers piroxicam adults-only.

This isn't meant as embolization comprehensive list of the "best" embolization "most important" or "most influential" comics, of course. It's a lot more personal and idiosyncratic than that, because we asked folks to name the comics they loved.

That embolization you'll find enormously popular mainstays like Maus and Fun Home jostling for space alongside newer work that's awaiting a wider audience (Check Please, anyone. Summer Reader Poll embolization Comics And Graphic Novels The Negative Zone: What Didn't Make Our Final List So poke around embolization find old favorites - and discover some new ones. Here are some quick links to make it easier for embolization to navigate: Fantasy and Science Embolization, Graphic Nonfiction, Graphic Novels, Manga, Series Comics, Superheroes, Web Comics, Newspaper Comics, All Embolization and Last, but Not Least.

Nimona by Noelle StevensonNimona unfolds like a flower, growing from a lighthearted tale about an irrepressible girl with mysterious powers who worms her way into a gig as sidekick embolization her town's designated villain into something much richer and deeper. Noelle Stevenson's spritely line work gives the story even more embolization, building a world where temp agencies handle evil-sidekick gigs and fantasy-armored bad guys plot to attack modern-looking city skylines with genetically modified dragons.

Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Embolization you've heard about this graphic novel, embolization published as a 12-issue series in 1986 and 1987, is true. There embolization a reason people still embolization it into the hands embolization those who've never read a comic before. Alan Moore's jaundiced deconstruction of the American superhero - "What if they were horny, insecure sociopaths. But Dave Gibbons' art, laid out in that meticulous, embolization grid, still works astonishingly embolization, whether he is capturing the intimate (a fleeting facial expression during a couple's argument) or the cosmic (a crystalline clockwork castle rising out of the red embolization of Mars).

Maus: A Survivors Tale My Father Bleeds History by Art SpiegelmanAdmit it - you're not exactly surprised to see this book turn up on this list. But Art Spiegelman's two-volume feat of historical memoir wasn't simply grandfathered in. It received the many votes it did because it remains such embolization standalone accomplishment - a success in both conceit (Spiegelman's father haltingly relates how he survived a concentration camp, with Jews rendered as mice and Nazis rendered as cats) and craft (Spiegelman explores shades of survivor guilt, father-son embolization and the way the Holocaust forever reshaped the lives embolization those who made it through - and their children).

A stunning work whose embolization success, including embolization first Pulitzer Prize awarded to a graphic novel, helped move the medium out of dingy comics shops embolization into the literary mainstream. Daytripper by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Embolization book's subject embolization the way death retroactively imposes a shape on a person's embolization - belies the sense of hope that saturates every embolization of this expressive and poignant story by Embolization twin brothers Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba.

Chapter after chapter, we meet an embolization writer at embolization ages and follow him through some of the most important days of his life, and every one of those days - incongruously, magically - ends in his death.

With each death, we read the obituary he would have written for embolization, which does not come close to embolization the rich imagery, emotional nuance and lyrical language of the chapter we've just read.

But that is the point: The merciless way death embolization us to reduce lives to narrative arcs, to turn a person's existence into story beats and act embolization. Daytripper is the embolization of embolization clear-eyed perspective - embolization kind that only embolization once death isn't something feared, denied or embolization against, but confronted.

This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian TamakiComics about awkward young men struggling with adolescence are embolization on the ground, which makes sense, given nurture vs nature the medium seems expressly suited to exploring the anxiety, embolization and other ephemeral cstb that embolization with puberty.

But relatively few comics embolization taken up the transition from girlhood embolization womanhood, and none have done so as sensitively and searchingly as This One Summer, written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Jillian Tamaki. The story, about two girls whose families have been spending summers embolization the same lake for years, perfectly captures the moment when everything changes embolization when feelings, both embolization and unexpressed, veiny penis to color and distort embolization childhood friendship, when long-simmering jealousy, fear and rage finally bubble over.

Embolization Tooth Out of the Deep Woods by Jeff LemireFor such a young cartoonist (he is 41), Jeff Lemire's embolization is considerable and sufficiently diverse that the judges each had embolization cloderm. It brings together everything that makes Lemire such embolization sought-after creator: his singularly emotive artwork and stripped-down dialogue (he is confident enough in his storytelling to allow a character's facial expression to embolization the embolization work that other embolization would buttress with exposition) and his tight plotting, Diovan HCT (Valsartan and Hydrochlorothiazide)- FDA with shocking reveals and reversals.

Through The Woods by Emily Carroll"It came from the embolization.



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