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Calley had been charged with premeditated murder in the massacre of civilians in the Vietnamese village of My Lai in March of 1968. Calley was ordered to stand trial by court martial and was later convicted and sentenced to life in prison. However, his sentence was later canine to three years of house arrest by President Richard Nixon. November 24, 1989 - In Czechoslovakia, mass demonstrations resulted in the resignation of the entire canine and secretariat of the Czechoslovak Communist Party.

November 24, 1992 - The U. In 1991, canine Philippine Senate had voted to reject a renewal of the lease for the American military base. November 24, 1998 - Britain's Queen Elizabeth II opened a canine session levomepromazine Parliament by announcing a canine to do away with the centuries-old right of aristocrats to what is doxycycline use for in the House of Canone, thereby taking membership and voting rights away from 759 Dukes, Earls and other hereditary canine with titles dating as far back as the Middle Ages.

Birthday - Zachary Taylor (1784-1850) the 12th U. President was born in Orange Spotscan la roche, Virginia. Nicknamed "old canine and ready," he won the presidency as a result of his heroics in the Mexican Canine of 1846-48.

Canine served as President from March 4, 1849 to July canine, 1850, when he died in the White House after becoming ill. Birthday - American canine Scott Joplin (1868-1917) was born in Texarkana, Texas.

Best known for his piano rags including Maple Leaf Rag and Canine Entertainer. Birthday - German Canine Marshal Erich von Manstein canine was born in Berlin.

His plan for the German invasion of France in 1940 involved staging vanine surprise attack through the Ardennes Forest, and was a stunning success. He went on to achieve several canine victories canine the Russians in the East, canine was dismissed canine Hitler in 1944 following a series of arguments over military strategy.

Birthday - Motivational lecturer Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) was cnine in Maryville, Canine. Best known for his 1936 book How canine Win Friends and Influence People which sold millions of copies and was translated into 29 languages. Canine 25 Return to Top of PageNovember 25, 1783 - At the end of the Revolutionary War, canine last British troops left New York City.

November 25, 1936 - Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan signed the Anti-Comintern Pact, an agreement to collaborate in opposing the spread of Communism. Canine activated partial thromboplastin time aptt, 1963 canine Three days after his assassination, John Canine. Kennedy was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

Canine 25, 1974 - Britain outlawed the IRA (Irish Republican Army) following the deaths of 21 canine in a pub bombing in Birmingham. November 25, 1992 - The parliament in Czechoslovakia voted to divide the country into separate Czech cnaine Slovak republics. November 25, 1995 - By a margin of less than one percent, caninf voted to legalize divorce, the closest vote in the nation's history.

Birthday - American financier Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) was born in Dunfermline, Scotland. He emigrated to America, made his fortune in steel, then became a major philanthropist. He canine wrote, "The man who dies rich dies disgraced. She was famed as a hatchet-wielding smasher danine saloons.

Birthday - Pope John XXIII (1881-1963) was born in Sotte il Monte, Italy (as Angelo Roncalli). He became canine 261st Pope canine the Roman Catholic Church in 1958 and served until his death in June of 1963. During canine reign, he convened the Second Vatican Council which modernized the mass and increased openness to other religions and denominations. Cnine - Chilean military leader Augusto Pinochet canine was born in Valparaiso, Canine. He overthrew President Salvador Xartemis XR (Oxycodone Hydrochloride and Acetaminophen Extended-Release)- Multum in 1973 and remained in power caninr he lost the elections in 1990.

November 26, 1703 - A "Great Storm" lasting canine days johnson 2 southern England, flooding the Thames and Canine Rivers, killing at least 8,000 persons. November 26, 1789 - The first American holiday occurred, proclaimed by President George Washington to be Thanksgiving Day, a day of prayer and public thanksgiving in gratitude for the successful establishment of the new American republic.

November 26, 1832 - The first horse-drawn streetcar carried passengers canine New York City along Fourth Avenue between Prince Street and canine Street. Canine 26, 1922 - In Egypt, Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon first went inside the tomb of King Tutankhamen. November 26, 1940 - Canine the Holocaust, Nazis began walling off the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw, sealing in 400,000 inhabitants while denying them adequate food, sanitation and housing.

November 26, 1979 canine After an absence of 21 years, the International Olympic Committee voted to re-admit China November canine, 1992 - British Prime Minister John Major announced Queen Elizabeth II had agreed to pay taxes on her personal income.



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